Word of Zentrich

represents an upheaval in phytotherapy
in the current period.

A plant has stored in its buds the most precious genetic material which serves for its further duplication.


Gemmotherapeuticum includes within itself the advantages of alopatic and homeopathic procedures. Healing substances are located in measurable concentrations in the preparations, and also homeopathic information starts to have effect due to the homeopathic technology of its processing.

Treatment with buds always starts with detoxification - this means using a drainage means (especially birch, beech or oak, exceptionally elm) which is used for at least 2-3 days.
Extracts from buds are usually measured as follows: 1 kg of body weight to 1 drop. This amount of drops is divided into three doses a day (e.g., with body weight of 60 kg, the daily usage is 20 drops, 3 times a day). Usually after drainage 2 packages of a specific means are used.
It is advisable to consult usage with an experienced specialist. These treatments do not supplement the care of a doctor!

Buds add to an organism mineral substances, vitamins, phyto-hormones, trace elements and enzymes, and thus its immunity increases. At the same time, the functioning of the central nervous system is improved.

You can find detailed information in the book of J. A. ZENTRICH - GEMMOTHERAPY.

From where?
Preparations are produced by Rabštejnská apatyka, Žihle, the Czech Republic.

From whom?
The sole distributor for the SR:
Handlovská 26, 851 01 Bratislava
Phone: +421 2 6381 3897, +421 915 764 791
fax: +421 2 6353 7573, e-mail:


Rabštejnská apatyka has its seat in one of the purest areas of the western part of the Czech Republic less impacted on by man, nearby the picturesque town of Rabštejn nad Střelou, specifically in the community of Hluboká - Žihle. The laboratory is at the U Anděla Strážce pharmacy in Krakovice, where all our products are produced.

Why form Rabštejnská apatyka?

  • The production of phytopreparations from buds (gemmopreparations) is precisely according to French procedures with spirit-glycerine 48%, with modifications by J. A. Zantrich.
  • The production of highly concentrated extracts from plants.
  • Production of breakthroughs on the phytopreparations market, the effects of which are supported by their own research and extensive literary retrieval.
    Their own research basis.
    Cooperation with a prominent expert in the phytotherapy area, J. A. Zentrich.
    Each production rank of the extract is tested for content of biologically active substances; if the extract does not achieve the established values, it is no longer processed - thus it is possible to independently confirm the quality of our products.
  • Plant material originates almost solely from the environs of Rabštejn nad Střelou (in a range of 30 km, where there are no polluters of the environment).
  • We process only fresh plant material.
  • We give precedence to a considerate approach to the environment - collection of buds has been consulted with experts from the Faculty of Forestry of ČZU, Prague with regard to the risk of plant damage.
  • Glycerol used for bud extraction is of plant origin.
    All preparations have been approved by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (HEM).
  • Preparations are also approved by the main hygienist of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic No. HH SR - 1784/2003 - HŽPP/Ht, HH SR - 1785/2003 - HŽPP/Ht, HH SR - 1786/2003 - HŽPP/Hat