Jozef A. Zentrich

Natural Treatment by Buds
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· Vitalita magazine - 12/2003 - Salt Lamp as a Gift
· Vitalita magazine - 1/2004 - Gemmotherapy, Treatments of 21st century

· Vitalita magazine - 2/2004 - Gemmotherapy
· Vitalita magazine - 3/2004 - Gemmotherapy

Vitalita magazine, December 2003

Salt Lamp as a Gift

It seems that the story about salt lamps is slowly coming to an end. What else to say about them? But this is only an impression, because the story about them and their effects is only just beginning. Exactly as in folk literature, their reputation spreads from mouth to mouth, and they keep testing your soul.
And what do people say about the lamps? They talk about glimmering beauty, a charming object, a warm soul-soothing light, which grinds all edges and beautifies each room with its secret influence. It is a miracle of nature, it is the heart of a room, it radiates an eternal warm light, a feeling of surety, a balm for the soul…"
Halit, salt rock from the depth of the earth, millions of years old, coloured with kreve¾ from light to dark orange colour, has esoteric and healing effects on a person, cleans the air, harmonizes, it creates a sea-side climate when evaporating. It soothes the sight and the psyche. An idea emerges from the subconscious - a salt lamp would be a fitting and rewarding gift for relatives and friends. Your children belong among those closest to your heart, and now it is the most suitable time, Christmas time, to endow them, to give them a tender, comfortably shiny, glimmering friend. This friend will take foster their calm sleep, it will send away the darkness most children are afraid of… you will see how the endowed person will be happy after a touch with the lamp, how a spark of solid friendship for long years originates. You can be sure of this, we have the experience. We will be grateful when our words, and your expectations, are fulfilled. Write to us.
Gemmotherapy - this is another miracle, not from the depths of the earth, but from the fresh buds and roots of plants and trees which are macerated in spirit-glycerine. We believe that talking about this therapy will be to your interest.
O¾ga Stroschneiderová


Vitalita magazine, January 2004

Gemmotherapy - treatment of the 21st century

We are following up the last article about "salt lamps as a gift" , in which we introduced a new therapeutic method - gemmotherapy. We will inform you progressively throughout the year about this old-new treatment method, which uses natural resources for harmonization, revitalization and treatment of the whole person.
What is the substance of gemmotherapy? It is the use of extracts of plant buds or other germinal tissues of the plant which are macerated in 48% spirit-glycerine. Bud extracts give the organism minerals, trace elements, plant hormones, vitamins and enzymes.
The use of gemmotherapeutics is extraordinary. There are anti-allergic substances - guelder rose (kalina), for after-treatment of boreliosis - poplar, grape, in gynaecology - blackberry, strawberry, antirheumatics - alder, black currant, oncological - heather, etc. … there are about 50 kinds. With this wide range and natural substance, it is a rising method of the 21st century.
Where gemmotherapy came from, details on substances and their use, supported results from practice - you will get to know all in the next continuation.
O¾ga Stroschneiderová


Vitalita magazine, February 2004

The results from practice will persuade us about the effects of the remedy. We are going to start the series about gemmotherapy with an extract from birch.
A young woman who suffered long years from oedema of the legs started to feel significant relief after the use of one bottle of the birch preparation and, after the using the second bottle, the oedema disappeared completely. What could be a better proof of a quality natural treatment?
Birch - betula pendula, is a basic drainage, it means cleansing mean used at the onset of any treatment. It has effects on the respiratory system; in connection with fir, it is effective for bone inflammation, kidney malfunction, chronic rheumatism. It is dosed 3-times a day (according to instructions), must be drunk by water, heather tea is best.
European hornbeam - Carpinus betulus - is good for the upper respiratory tract and ensures healing of mucous membranes, stimulates liver activity, inhibits increased bleeding caused by shortage of thrombocytes. Usage according to instructions.
Black currant - Ribes nigrum - is an excellent anti-allergicum with hay fever, eczema, asthma, increases resistance against cold, excellently stimulates the organism during convalescence. Usage according to instructions.
Continued in the next issue.
O¾ga Stroschneiderová


Vitalita magazine, March 2004

Gemmotherapy means currently a turn in phytotherapy. Why? A plant has placed in its buds the most precious genetic material which serves for its further multiplication. This immense strength has extraordinary healing effects. How to proceed in the treatment? We start with detoxication of an organism. It means that we use a drainage substance, birch, oak or beech used at least 3-4 days, one drop to one kilo of body weight. This amount divided into three doses a day. After drainage, 2 packages of a special substance are usually used. Mostly we use, simultaneously or subsequently, a number of gemmopreparations which support each other and increase the efficiency of the treatment.
And now in detail. Very good results in the treatment of boreliosis are ensured by the following sequence of preparations: birch, then beech drainage, after this poplar, grapevine and the treatment is completed with alder or hazel.
The cholesterol level in blood is alarming at the current period, it is increasing even in children. The treatment may be started with juniper, then rosemary. On request we will send you our promotion material.
Continued in the next issue.
O¾ga Stroschneiderová