Our credo in establishing the OHM Company was and remains the idea to offer pure natural products produced without any chemistry.
This idea has remained not only in our minds but also is implemented in the products we offer.

To this day we represent the following companies from the Czech Republic:
Hemann, s.r.o. (Producer of natural products)
Biofos (Ear taper)
Rabštejnská apatyka (Gemmotherapy)

Company founders: Oľga Stroschneiderová
Henrich Stroschneider
Magdaléna Mihálová


Everything is related to everything.
On our sites you can read about a fine processed pure natural material with high quality and high efficiency, BUT in prevention and treatment of your difficulties, the key to success is not only exact and regular use. Everything is related to everything. Everybody has the quality of his life in his hands … the individual yearning for knowledge will soon find a hidden phase of life and will start the road of the coloured life… is it a secret? No, only an understanding of the natural principles of the physical life, a part of which we are. What does the hidden word of health reveal? Factors which effect us and directly affect the quality of our life.
1. genetic properties (heredity information from our ancestors)
2. air (which we breathe)
3. water (which we drink)
4. food (which we eat)
5. movement (our work or movement for joy, relaxation)
6. awareness (direction which we follow, the ability of change)

I do not mean advantages of a certain kind, but features of face, body, height, hair colour etc., information which has been given to us by our genetic ancestors.
What are our genetic properties for this life?
Everybody knows his own body best, its weaknesses, strong sides. We feel that some parts of the body or organs are less effective and we should strengthen them by exercises, plants and food. Notice what difficulties your ancestors had from the point of view of heredity. Can we avoid them or inhibit their expressions?

Whether I am a vegetarian or I eat bacon, we cannot choose our oxygen. If we live outside a town in a relatively clean environment, we have not won totally. Our planet is a closed system and the wind sometimes blows something to us … we can increase the quality of the air in our home significantly. Our arsenal is a salt lamp (it ionises the air, absorbs electromagnetic smog), moisturizer, and air cleaners also harmonize the air while an ethereal oil (100% natural) completes the list of means.

After birth our body contains 3 water, but when we die, it is only a half of its weight. By an incorrect life style, various minerals are deposited in our body up till the time that our organism no longer bears it, and death comes. Daily 1 gram of minerals remains in our body. Damaged cells must be cleaned, if we do not want to leave this wonderful world too early. The organism is significantly cleaned by freshly melted iced water. Water is cleaned by freezing, important however is that pieces of ice are left in the water so the cleaning effects achieved in cells, in which deposits are dissolved. 200 ml of defrosted water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach has a nice taste and will cause you not to be hungry. In the evening we will significantly clean our organism by drinking the water by sips - the organism is in peace, without stress. Drink 1-2,5 l of defrosted water a day according to your physical disposition. You will urinate more often, but this is a sign of cleaning. After long-term drinking of water processed in this way, your blood pressure will be adjusted, your memory better.

Food is a poison, in the case that we consume more than we need. We consume masses of dead foods without nourishment, and we have a stomach full of delicacies, but we are starving.
Animal meat contains signs of unsuitable nourishment and cruel treatment. Plants are sprayed against pests and fertilised by fatal chemistry, in order to have higher profits, and becomes a lie of sweet advertisements along a food chain of innocent consumers. A machinery of giants globalizing the whole world moves to the last place the right of an individual to quality and clean and nourishing food.

Playfulness of children, their endless energy and joy from movement is disappearing gradually by growing up and by the influence of contemporary life. A sedentary way of life, overeating, lack of movement will slow and deteriorate physical functions. We start to gain weight, our life rhythm is slowed down, we age prematurely, suffer various disorders and die…
This scenario may be by us changed to another. It depends on us what we choose.

One man resembles another man mostly in the fact that everybody is different. Even the old civilizations knew that not only by physical food does man live. Spiritual food is, for the spirit of a man, equally as important as food and water. It stimulates us to climb the ladder of development by our own decision. We do not use our possibilities fully. We vegetate and live unable to open the inner sight of knowledge. Our laziness is an advantage for the powerful of this world, who keep us in the darkness of unawareness and use it for their welfare.

I wish you on your way of life the courage to change the present time by awakening awareness.


Bratislava 13.04.2004 Henrich Stroschneider

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