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Alcohol in preparations



Elm (50 ml)
draining mean at skin diseases,
protects mucous membranes, decreases nervousness - especially that of alimentary tracts,
counteracts spring fever

St. John's wort (50 ml)
use for anxiety states, vegetative weakness and slightly depressive moods
prevents inflammation and helps with pains of a nervous origin, helps during after-treatment of the consequences of nervous system disabilities (palsy, paralysis)



Fireweed, Willow-herb (Chamerion angustifolium)
Indications: removes feelings of psychic tension, psychogenic headaches, insomnia, pressure, anxiety. Acts against inflammation and protects the mucous membranes, especially in the digestive tract, and is excellent for stomach and duodenal ulcers. It is also indicated for use against infectious diarrhea and cloudy urine since tannin bar the emergence of bacteria in the bloodstream from the digestive tract to the uro-genital systems. In external treatment it is suitable as a gargle or compress, or for bathing unhealed sores, and the like. It has been confirmed as an anti-swelling agent, chiefly in the treatment of adenoma of the prostate in older men. Fireweed, Willow-herb (Chamerion angustifolium) is successfully used in Russian folk healing although it is not very widespread here.


Currently we also import extracts from buds with a practical spray. Due to the fine spraying of the solution, faster and better absorption of the effective substances takes place directly in the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity over a large surface. It is applied 3 times a day by 3 sprays into the mouth cavity; for persons over 80 kg, 4 sprays are used 3 times a day. This method of usage is recommended only for adults. After 5 minutes, it may be followed by water.