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Alcohol in preparations




Alder (50 ml)
· inhibits internal inflammation processes causing increased sedimentation and increased temperature,
· prevents the creation of scars after operations and inflammation of the pleura, peritoneum, and pneumonia,
· osteoporosis, rheumatism, prevention of cardiac infarctions and ischaemic diseases of the heart,
· inhibits the creation of benign neoplasms.

Ash-tree (50 ml)
· Decreases the level of uric acid in the blood, acts against rheumatism and holarthritis, good for flu and virus infections.

Beech (50 ml)
· drainage mean for more penetrating treatment,
· improves activity of kidneys, moderates edema of joints, suitable at rheumatoid inflammations, sabulous urine and increased formulation of outgrowths

Blackberry (50 ml)
· anti-sclerotic and anti-degenerative, improves fibroids
(benign tumour from fibrous tissue),
· rheumatism, holarthritis, arthritis and osteoporosis.

Brambleberry (50 ml)
· effect similar to female hormones,
· inhibits vagina inflammations, effective for cysts,
· effective for menstrual disorders.

Black currant (50 ml)
· antiallergicum for hay fever, eczema and asthma,
· improves at decreased function of adrenal gland and prostate tumour,
· increases resistance against colds,
· excellent stimulant during convalescence.

Bilberry (50 ml)
· improves sight and use of insulin in an organism,
· favourable effect on blood vessels.

Birch (25 ml / 100 ml)
· detoxification of organism
· stimulates liver function and improves some types of jaundice,
· affects activity of pancreas and spleen, good results with respiratory diseases and osteoporosis.

Birch catkins (50 ml)
· eliminates women´s problems with sexual responsiveness and supports men´s seminal power,
· favourably effects the thyroid gland.

Dogberry (50 ml)
· Inhibits the increased activity of the thyroid gland,
· Decreases danger of decomposition of tissue as a result of Buerher´s disease and the so-called diabetic leg, prevents necrosis

European elder (50 ml)
· favourable effect on blood vessels, neuralgia, eczema and acne,
· eliminates body odour,
· anti-rheumatic and anti-oncogenous effect, analgesic.

Fig-tree (50 ml)
· heals mucous membranes of the digestive tract, improves necrosis, regulates gastric secretions, gastric and dodecadactylon ulcers.

Fir (50 ml)
· Improves bone diseases in young organisms,
· Tonsillitis and bronchitis.

Hazel (50 ml)
· after-treatment of virus-related jaundice, favourable for emphysema,
· decreases blood pressure, inhibits headaches, vertigo, antisclerotism,
· suitable for at psychological instability

Heather (50 ml)
· inhibits the development of tumours and metastases,
· Relieves edemas of joints as a result of kidney problems,
· feelings of weakness and exhaustion of various origins,
· Decreases the level of urine acid as a result of holarthritis.

Hornbeam (50 ml)
· inflammation of upper airways,
· stimulates functioning of the liver,
· lessens uncontrolled bleeding.

Horse chestnut (50 ml)
· improves blood circulation in the lungs, improves the quality of blood vessels - haemorrhoids, varicose veins, bércový vred, improves blood circulation - cold legs and arms.

Juniper (50 ml)
· helps regenerate the liver, including cirrhosis-related problems, detoxifies,
· helps kidney functions, kidney and urinary tract inflammations, rheumatoid arthritis, TBC, adult-onset diabetes (Type B),
· anti-sclerotic and anti-cancer effects.

Larch (50 ml)
· catarrh of the upper airways,
· anti-rheumatic effect,
· kidney disease.

Lime-tree (50 ml)
· excellent soothing substance, soothes neuralgia, anxiety and fear,
· inhibits itching,
· influences kinetosis (motion sickness).

Maple (50 ml)
· paralysis and some losses of movement,
· neuralgia, "pins and needles" and tingling in fingers,
· disseminated sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Parkinson´s disease, epilepsy.

Oak (50 ml)
· drainage means,
· promotes men´s sexual potency,
· inhibits the origin of paradentosis, heals mucous membranes of the oral cavity
· eliminates long-lasting diarrhoea.

Pine (50 ml)
· bone, cartilage and hard tissue regeneration,
· rheumatoid arthritis, geriatric ailments.

Pot marigold (50 ml)
· anti-oncogenous effects for female organs (womb, vagina, cervix, ovaries and tumours in breasts),
· tumours of the prostate gland and male testis,
· alimentary tract tumours
· regulates menstrual difficulties, menopause, leukorrhea.

Poplar (50 ml)
· for after-treatment of boreliosis, EB viruses and mononucleosis
· rheumatism,
· muscle spasms and skin atrophy, fevers,
· urine tracts, prostate inflammation, liver and intestinal difficulties,
· shortage of blood platelets.

Rye (50 ml)
· regeneration of liver, including after jaundice,
· good results in the treatment of psoriasis.

Vine (50 ml)
· chronic inflammation states, favourable effects for treating tonsillitis,
· supports the generation of white blood corpuscles, soothes varicose,
· arthritis, rheumatism.

Walnut (50 ml)
· chronic inflammation,
· inhibits development of the tissue change, scleroderma, collagenosis,
· increases striking power of an organism.

Wild rose (50 ml)
· inhibits inflammations of upper air ways of children and young people,
· anti-allergic and anti-asthmatic, good for emphysema


Black Chokecherry (50 ml)
regulates activity of the thyroid gland, supports heart functions
· favourably affects the strength, flexibility and tightness of vascular walls, strengthening effect

Chestnut (50 ml)
· favourable effects on dyspepsia, supports venular and lymphatic circulation
· cleans lymphatic system

Corn (50 ml)
· ameliorates spasms of a functional origin, supports healing of cardiac muscle after cardiac infarction
· improves gangrene of extremities (especially for diabetics)
· regular use contributes to reduction of body weight

Cranberry (50 ml / 100 ml)
· favourable effects for intestinal disorders, positively affects states connected with chronic inflammation
· excellent natural substance for infections of the urinary tract and urocystic problems, postmenopausal problems, rheumatism
- generally strengthening remedy, good for memory lapses caused by aging.

Elder (baza lesná) (50 ml)
· functions as an immunomodulator, supports functioning of the kidneys and liver
· favourable for sclerodwerma and lupus erytematods and other systemic diseases
· exhibits an effect similar to corticosteroids, but without undesirable effects

Ginkgo biloba (50 ml / 100 ml)
· is used for prevention of and as an after-treatment of emergency cerebral episode, further use for hearing impairment, tinnitus, improves congestion in the lower extremities, memory and unconsciousness, headache of a vascular origin

Guelder Rose - kalina siripútková (50 ml)
· antiallergic agent, suppresses bronchial spasms
· acts against chronic allergies causing asthma, hay fever or eczemas

Lilac (50 ml)
· moderates angina pectoris-related problems.

Maple - javor horský (50 ml)
· positively affects digestion, it is used for functional flatulence and feelings of discomfort in stomach, excellently regulates gall-bladder function

Mistletoe (50 ml)
· positive effect on atherosclerosis (clogging of vessels), meliorates emphysema and enlargement of the cardiac muscle
· stimulates pancreas and its enzymatic functions, it may be used for rheumatism that concurrently occurs with the above-mentioned difficulties

Mulberry white (50 ml)
· supports metabolism
· suitable for inflammation of upper airways
· positively affects eczema-related skin diseases
· promotes improvement of adult-onset diabetes

Olive-tree (50 ml)
· excellent for decreasing blood cholesterol level and other fats affecting blood
· supportive of adult-onset diabetes (prevents diabetic consequences)
· it is further used for states of exhaustion and overall lack of energy, helps with high blood pressure

Rosemary - Rozmarín lekársky (50 ml)
· it is used for heart disease and blood circulation problems, positively affects functioning of liver, gall-bladder and kidneys
· moderates the development of osteoporosis
· favourably affects states of physical exhaustion and sexual disorders

Rowanberry - jarabina vtáčia (50 ml)
· regulates activity of the vascular system and vein circulation (suppresses congestion and overloading of vein walls)
· favourable effect as after-treatment of vein inflammation, together with gaštanovník, is used for the treatment of vascular and lymphatic oedemas of a non-cardiac origin

Tamarisk French (50 ml)
· favourably affects diseases of the haemopoietic tissues
· favourably affects the creation of blood corpuscles and plaques

White-thorn (50 ml)
· positively affects cardiac insufficiencies and angina pectoris, favourably affects high blood pressure, is used for the prevention of atherosclerosis, positively affects psychogenically conditioned climacteric difficulties


Hoary cress (50 ml)
· One of the strongest natural antibiotics
· Defeats streptococcus, staphylococcus and other bacteria in respiratory and especially those in urinary tracts

Briar Ball (50 ml)
· this is a novelty on the phytopreparates market
· extract prepared by the method of "percolation of šípkové hálky", contains an extraordinary amount of biologically high active substances

Weed (50 ml)
· thoroughly cleanses the organism and skin, especially psoriasis
· extract has favourable effect on the mucous membrane, supports digestion
·"cleans blood"